Arria Answers

Alexa for Business

Amplify the value of business intelligence with conversation. Turn Alexa into a subject matter expert in your business and field.

Arria’s integration with Alexa links our NLG platform to Amazon’s voice platform, giving Alexa the same subject matter expertise, industry-specific terminology, and general sensibility already found within our written NLG output. In natural spoken language, Alexa can now provide insights in support of tasks as diverse as financial planning and analysis (FP&A), clinical safety reporting (CSR), general finance, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, commercial and residential real estate, and more.

With Arria Answers, Alexa can bring to your attention critical insights within the data underlying your BI dashboards so that you can make better, faster business decisions.

Ask questions that get you straight to the information you need most. Arria’s integration lets you keep the same conversation context as you go deeper into the details, without having to remind Alexa what you’re asking about. Arria’s integration with Alexa is contextually aware; it turns your communication with Alexa into a back-and-forth conversation that continues smoothly, even when your questions drill down in a context.

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