Arria NLG for MicroStrategy: Release Notes

Documentation for Arria NLG’s Add-in for MicroStrategy


17 February 2020

This release is based on version 2.1.2 of Arria NLG’s add-in for MicroStrategy.


Enhancements and New Features

Viewing MicroStrategy dashboards on iOS and Android mobile devices is now supported. Arria’s add-in now supports the MicroStrategy Library mobile app on both iOS and Android tablets, for viewing published dashboards only: configuring narratives using the add-in is not supported. Please also note the known issues listed below.


Fixed Issues

Narrative disappears when changing visualization colors. When a MicroStrategy visualization and a narrative generated by the Arria-add-in used the same metric, changing the fill color of that metric in the visualization would result in the narrative disappearing from the add-in. This has been fixed.


Known Issues

Reordering fields within the Configure Narrative option does not work. Reordering the data fields on the Tell me about your data page, and the analysis type fields on the Tell me what type of analysis you want page, results in parts of the UI disappearing. Closing and reopening the dashboard refreshes the UI.

Changing narrative text color does not persist on published dashboards. When a dashboard is published, any changes to the text color of the Arria narrative are lost.

Copy-and-paste feature does not work on Android devices. Narratives cannot be copied from a dashboard being viewed on an Android device and pasted elsewhere.


Full Documentation

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