Arria NLG for Qlik Sense: Release Notes

Documentation for Arria NLG’s Extension for Qlik Sense


17 February 2020

This release is based on version 2.1.0 of Arria NLG’s extension for Qlik Sense.


Known Issues

Configuring Arria extension in maximized view. Before configuring the Arria extension, users must maximize the extension window. However, if the window is already maximized when the user clicks Edit in the Qlik Sense toolbar and then tries to edit a field in the extension, a message instructing users to ‘Please use the maximized view for configuration’ is generated in error. Minimizing and then maximizing the window again resolves the issue.

To avoid the issue, always click Edit in the Qlik Sense toolbar before maximizing the Arria extension window.


Fixed Issues

​Calculated field renaming issue​​. Arria’s extension now correctly handles the renaming of calculated fields. Previously, the data structure passed to Studio captured the value entered in the Expression field as the new field name, rather than the value entered in the Label field.

Table-type data set download issue. An issue limiting the size of tabular data sets that could be successfully downloaded to a .csv file from the Arria add-in has been fixed. Previously, downloading large data sets ​would result in an empty .csv file.

Data access mechanism. The Arria extension’s data access algorithm now supports up to 30,000 rows of aggregated data. Note that this does not refer to the number of rows in the original data source connected to the Qlik Sense dashboard, but rather the number of rows generated by Qlik Sense after the aggregation of numerical columns.


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