UiPath: Arria NLG’s ArriaConnect™ — Release Notes

Documentation for Arria NLG’s Custom Activity for UiPath Studio

Version 1.2.0

15 October 2019


Fixes and Improvements

  • JSON data containing strings delimited by single-quotation marks is now accepted.
  • more specific error reporting:
    • Please check the JSON format. The JSON file being read by Arria Connect contains invalid JSON formatting.
    • Please check the CSV format. The CSV file being read by Arria Connect contains invalid CSV formatting.
    • Please check the API Key. An invalid API Key for the published NLG Studio project has been entered.


Known Issue

  • A newline character is inserted after every 75 characters of the narrative when the ​​Output Type​ property of the ​Arria NLG Application Scope​​ activity is set to TEXT. E.g.:


For help with any of these new features and enhancements, please contact our Support team.