Arria NLG for UiPath

Arria Connect activities enable seamless integration between UiPath and Arria NLG Studio. Arria Connect activities – together with Arria NLG accelerator packs – revolutionize any report automation that requires natural-language insights.

Arria’s integration with UiPath makes it easy for UiPath Studio developers to add automated natural language to any workflow.

For UiPath developers who want to leverage NLG in their automation tasks, Arria’s activities make it easy and straightforward. Arria’s activities are designed to transform either tabular data or JSON data, obtained from an upstream process, into a data format accepted by Arria’s NLG Studio. Arria’s activities also allow you to make HTTP requests to a published Studio project, which then returns a narrative to be consumed by the next UiPath activity.

Get the Arria Connect package

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