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Documentation for Arria NLG’s Add-in for Power BI Desktop


This release was based on Arria’s Power BI add-in from December 2019 (v2.0). Features and bug fixes are detailed below.



Auto-increment field. In table-type (Describe a Table) projects, the auto-increment field is now optional. Opting out allows users to keep their own identity column.

Enhanced mapping-script function library. For example, to add an entry into the metadata object in the JSON, you can use the following:

var data=getData();

See the documentation for the full list of supported functions. [Documentation coming soon.]

Insight detection. In the out-of-the-box narrative configuration, under Descriptive Statistics, the Use selected attribute order option is now enabled. This allows use of a new insight-detection strategy. (Choose the Let us decide option if you prefer to use the default detection strategy.)

Summaries. In this release, for out-of-the-box narratives, you can now generate summaries in addition to Important things and Tell me everything. To generate summaries, in the Tell me how to say it section, choose the Summary option.

Ability to disable add-in configuration. In this release, the add-in configuration is disabled for users who don’t have edit permissions in the Power BI service or in Power BI Report Server.


Bug Fixes

Support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11). Now you can view dashboards with the Arria add-in using IE 11. Note: The copy/paste feature that works in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox does not work in IE 11.

HTML links in the narrative view are now navigable. Users can now click links embedded in the narrative to navigate outside of Power BI.

Improved out-of-the-box narratives. Minor bugs relating to narrative generation have been fixed.


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