Arria NLG for Tableau

Use Arria’s extension for Tableau to augment your dashboard with meaningful, automatically-generated narrative insights to support decision making beyond visuals alone.

Take a look at the video introduction, and see below to get the extension and its accompanying documentation. We also offer two showcase projects so you can see the Arria add-in in action.

With Arria’s extension, you get three options for adding narratives to your dashboard:

  • Out-of-the-box insights. This option lets you tell the extension what it needs to know to automatically generate insights from your dataset. In the extension’s UI, this is called Configure Narrative.
  • Extendable insights. In this option, you are able to quickly customize the out-of-the-box narratives by revising narrative scripts in NLG Studio.
  • Programmable narratives. This option gives you the most flexibility, and enables you to create your own custom narratives for specific use cases, with the full programmability of NLG Studio. In the extension’s UI, this is called Create Custom Narrative.

Find documentation here:


Get the extension

To get version 2.1.1 of the Arria NLG extension for Tableau Desktop, click the button below.


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Try out our showcase project for a custom narrative

Take a look at our .TWBX created in Tableau using Arria’s extension. This showcase demonstrates what you can do to create custom narratives for your dashboards.

Try out our showcase project for out-of-the-box narratives

Take a look at our .TWBX created in Tableau using Arria’s extension. This showcase demonstrates what our out-of-the-box narratives can do for your dashboards.